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"When I decided to go abroad to work as an au pair, I thought I could save money by arranging it myself. From the moment I arrived at my destination, everything went wrong. There was no support from anyone at all and the host family I had talked to over the phone didn't keep one single promise they had made to me. I had no one to fall back on and could blame no one but myself and decided to go back to my country, and dream less.

This year, I decided to try again and started to look for an organisation who was a member of IAPA. I did not want to make the same mistake again. I had a great time and wish I had gone with this organisation the first time. My au pair experience was great."

 And another one.....


How are you? No doubt very busy during the festive season. First of all, I have to thank you very much for making this happen. It was certainly worth going through all those hassles at the embassy.

Paris is the most beautiful city. It's breathtaking, & I'm having an absolute ball. My family are great. At the beginning, the children were little monsters, & the 3 year old always wanted Mum. But now, as time goes by & we get to know each other, they just keep getting better & are very cute. The apartment is very chic & VERY French & is located 10 minutes from the Arc de Triomphe. I can't believe my luck!

School is getting easier, as my French improves & I passed my first exam! If the weather permits (it snowed last week!) I walk, & and it entails YSL, Guy Laroche, Nina Ricci & even Laura Ashley. I've met some great people from school who I go out with. The nightlife is fantastic, but very expensive. It certainly helps when the French guys insist on shouting (especially on an au pair's wages!). The shopping is great, but also very expensive.

The family has a gorgeous country house that we often frequent. The mother is a wonderful cook, so as you can imagine, the food is in abundance & the red wine just keeps on flowing. The lifestyle really suits my tastes! Christmas Day is going to be a huge feast, I can't wait!

After Christmas, the 27th December, we're going to the south of Spain for 10 days. The weather a lot better than Paris, & their house has a pool & heated spa, so I'm really looking forward to it. They're also in the process of working out the best time to go skiing - they have an apartment in Switzerland! I can't believe my luck, the family are just so nice & I really do feel like a part of the family.

Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas & a fantastic New Year.

Thanks again,

Love, Jane XXX






Well I made it here The flight was soooo long I don't know how you do it as often as you do! The Villanyi family are great, during the first week Eric got kind of upset if I went anywhere with him or helped to pick him up from school; Now he races out of the classroom to greet me. When I got home late the other night he couldn't wait to show me what he'd been up to. Matt loves to kick the ball around and is always asking about Aussie rules, has a bit of a temper but so do most boy's when they're seven. Beth is pretty good to although she has her moments. They tell me it feels like I've been with them for a while already, and it feels the same for me too. I've learnt my way around and can drive with no problems. I got my social security number on Friday, I've met two other AuPairs so far, they're pretty nice to. The meeting is going to be held here this Friday so I'll meet the others then. Mum and dad have only called me once and they said they're already missing me- I've only been gone for two weeks!! Theres heaps of traveling planned for the next few months and I'm looking forward to it.Blu (counselor) is really nice and easy to talk to. I'm sure I'll have more to tell you in the next few weeks.
From Kerry

P.S. On my way home from walking the kids to school on Monday I heard a bear, all the dogs started barking, that night the neighbor called to say the bear was in his front yard, how close, we drove to school for the rest of the week !!



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