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Information for families

The best Nanny / Employer relationships are where there is mutual respect between each party.The relationship with your nanny is unique, and at its best enriche everyone and most importantly the lives of your children. Nannies need to be valued in order to provide the nurturing relationship so important for your children.


A nanny will be involved in all aspects of childcare. She will be expected to plan and often cook, healthy meals, organise activities and the social program of the children, as well as ensure there is a stimulating home based care. She will often have sole charge for long periods. She will be expected to keep the children's clothing and bedrooms clean and tidy and spend time playing and supervising them whilst the parents are out. This candidate has formal child care qualifications. These girls have experience over years, in commitment, independance and responsibility.

Mother's Help
A mother's help will be involved in all aspects of running the home. She will be expected to look after the children when the parent is busy and to take general care of household duties. She will not be given sole charge for long periods as the parent will often be around the house. It may be of a live in or live out arrangement. This candidate will have no formal training but documented childcare experience.

Au Pair
An au pair is a boy or a girl who goes to another country in order to learn the language, experience family life, and to learn first hand about the culture of the country. They have a limit on working hours. They have no formal training but some babysitting experience.

Permanent Rate & Refund Guarantee Schedule

Local Placement fees are available on personal enquiry.
Special Fees apply for nannies placed to overseas families direct.

1. A permanent placement is considered at six months or more.

2. There is a full ten-week guarantee with replacement if necessary.

3. Following this time if a replacement cannot be found, two-thirds refund will apply.

4. For a period of 12 weeks termination, half of billed is refundable given a replacement cannot be found.

5. At 16 weeks, one third becomes refundable should a replacement not be found.
6. Families who take nanny on a fulltime long-term (six-months & permanent), or short-term (three to five months) position subject to a trial basis, are accounted to a temporary rate. Should this placement become permanent, this fee is absorbed into the permanent placement fee.

7. Rates of pay for the nanny are determined on the age, experience and duties of the nanny.

8. Fees may be raised without notice between placements.

1. All accounts are payable within 14 days. The agency reserves the right to add, in addition, a fee  should this account be paid outside this period.

2. In certain situations the agency makes provision of full payment of fees on confirmation of an applicant and prior to the commencement of the nanny with the family.

3. Temporary Placements. Payment of this account is confirmation of the temporary booking. Should a temporary placement become a permanent placement, the first week's temporary fee is refunded.

Fees are due on acceptance, and not at the time of commencement of employment. The client shall be liable to pay the agency's introduction registration fee. If this fee is not received within the 10 days of the invoice, the Refund Guarantee shall not apply.( see refund schedule above )

To confirm your registration with this Agency we require the return of the completed application form and a deposit of 25% of placement fee. The remaining money is due on the confirmation of the applicant.

At all times the Company encourages the drawing of an employment agreement, and will give all assistance in its formulation.

The agency is committed to orchestrating fair and reasonable employment for both nanny and clients.

All applicants are screened to company standards : i.e. two childcare and two character references as a minimum. In certain situations i.e. Where the nanny has worked for the one family for a long period and has no other papers, this condition is altered.

Psychological testing is available on request at client's extra personal cost.

Basic first aid certificate must be completed as a minimum.

A criminal verification history is completed.


All complaints from both client and nanny to be referred directly to the Agency.

Nannies are encouraged through this Agency to carry personal indemnity insurance, and families are encouraged to check details of Public Liability and Car Insurance to understand relative cover for nanny.



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